ADA Self-Evaluation

ADA Self-Evaluation Public Comment Period Now Open

The City recently completed an accessibility evaluation of its current pedestrian infrastructure in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. An ADA Self-Evaluation is a federally required document for all cities. The draft ADA Self-Evaluation document can be viewed here (PDF). Public comments on the document will be accepted through Friday, September 28. 

To provide public comment, select one of two methods below:

The Self-Evaluation examines the condition of the City’s pedestrian infrastructure within City right-of-way and determines which amenities are compliant or non-compliant with ADA standards. The Self-Evaluation included review of sidewalks, curb ramps, and bicycle/pedestrian trails. Any barriers to accessibility were documented and mapped. The City is committed to providing accessible infrastructure and plans to improve infrastructure within its right-of-ways over time and in coordination with other infrastructure projects. 

At the conclusion of the public comment period, the draft ADA Self-Evaluation will be finalized and adopted by the City Council.